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Jhoom Episode 10 - [Eng Sub] - Haroon Kadwani - Zara Noor Abbas - Digitally Presented by Ponds
Thanks for watching Har Pal Geo. Please click here to Subscribe and hit the bell icon to enjoy Top Pakistani Dramas and satisfy all your entertainment needs. Do you know Har Pal Geo is now available in the US? Share the News. Spread the word. Jhoom Episode 10 - [Eng Sub] - Haroon Kadwani - Zara Noor Abbas - Digitally Presented by Spot-Less Skin With Ponds - 10th June 2023 - HAR PAL GEO Jhoom Digitally Presented by Spot-Less Skin With Ponds A journey of JHOOM into the world of love, relationships, heartbreak, and sacrifice that centers around the lives of two souls who find love in a world of chaos and uncertainty that changes their lives forever. Aryaan is a young and handsome boy who holds a caring and possessive nature towards his friends. Despite having a traumatic past, Aryaan tries to smile through the worries of life and never steps back from helping his friends. However, Aryaan's life takes an unexpected turn when he meets Maryam, a compassionate and kind-hearted woman who becomes a ray of sunshine in his life. As their relationship begin to flourish, Aryaan feels a change in himself and embraces the love that he had been deprived for so long. Despite the significant age gap between them, Aryaan and Maryam's love for each other knows no bounds, and they embark on an unconventional journey together. Their love defies societal norms and expectations, challenging the prejudices and biases of those around them. As their relationship progresses, their love is put to the ultimate test. Will they be able to overcome their challenges and sacrifices to stay together? Will their love stand the test of time and societal pressure? Is age just a number when it comes to love? Written By: Hashim Nadeem Directed By: Ali Faizan Produced By: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi Production House: 7th Sky Entertainment Cast : Haroon Kadwani as Aryaan Zara Noor Abbas as Maryam Javed Sheikh as Asfandyar Usman Peerzada as Toqeer Zainab Qayoom as Shehla Haris Waheed as Sherry Sidra Niazi as Mehwish Farhan Ally Agha as Hammad Noreen Gulwani as Mahlab Ahmed Agloria as Sam Reham Rafiq as Tina Rameez Ahmed as Billy Mohammad Ahmed as Tony Hassan Khan as Ricky #Jhoom #HaroonKadwani #ZaraNoorAbbas #brightbeauty #spotlessskin
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Mikelodic Về Quê đóng tune mà áp đảo tập 3, nhận ngay 4 chọn của HLV |Rap Việt 2023 [Live Stage]
Mikelodic Về Quê đóng tune mà áp đảo tập 3, nhận ngay 4 chọn của HLV |Rap Việt 2023 [Live Stage] #RapViệtMùa3 #RapVietSeasson3 #VieChannelHTV2 #VieGiảiTrí #VieON #DatVietVAC ???? Xem sớm nhất trên ứng dụng VieON: Đón xem #RapViệtMùa3 sắp phát sóng trên kênh truyền hình Vie Channel - HTV2, Vie GIẢITRÍ và ứng dụng VieON Rap Việt được mua bản quyền từ chương trình đình đám tại Thái Lan – The Rapper, đây là format từng đạt nhiều giải thưởng vang dội như Giải thưởng truyền hình châu Á lần thứ 23 – 2018 với hạng mục Chương trình giải trí tổng hợp hay nhất, Giải thưởng sáng tạo của Viện hàn lâm châu Á 2019, Giải thưởng Zocial Awards Thái Lan 2019 - Giải thưởng giải trí hay nhất trên mạng xã hội. Rap Việt Mùa 3 đang phát sóng, những thí sinh xuất sắc được tuyển chọn khắp Việt Nam sẽ quy tụ tại sân khấu Rap Việt Mùa 3 để tranh tài nhằm tìm ra người nắm giữ ngôi vị cao nhất mùa thứ 3. ★ Mọi nhu cầu quảng cáo và tài trợ xin liên hệ: Công Ty Cổ Phần Vie Channel ► Hotline: 0907.950.371 (Mr. Đức Khoa) ► Email: [email protected] hoặc [email protected] ???? Đừng quên subscribe để xem thật nhiều phim mới nhé! ???? Subscribe ngay: Tải app VieON tại: Xem các chương trình hấp dẫn khác của Vie Channel - HTV2: ►Rap Việt Full: ►Người Ấy Là Ai Full: ►Hoa Vương Full:ươngFull ►The Masked Singer Vietnam Full: Hoặc xem thêm trên hệ thống Vie Channel - HTV2: ►Website: ►Fanpage: ►Instagram:
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সৌদি ক্রাউন প্রিন্সের গিগাপ্রজেক্ট `দ্য রেড সি আন্তর্জাতিক বিমানবন্দর' | News | Ekattor TV
সৌদি ক্রাউন প্রিন্সের গিগাপ্রজেক্ট `দ্য রেড সি আন্তর্জাতিক বিমানবন্দর' Content Creator: Barna Tarana | Rifat Bhuiyan একেরপর এক প্রজেক্ট দিয়ে সৌদি আরবের চিত্রই বদলে দিচ্ছেন ক্রাউন প্রিন্স মোহাম্মদ বিন সালমান। এবছর উদ্বোধন করতে যাচ্ছেন গিগাপ্রজেক্ট দ্য রেড সি ইন্টারন্যাশনাল এয়ারপোর্ট। নানা ধরনের সুযোগ সুবিধা আর অত্যাধুনিক প্রযুক্তির সমন্বয়ে পরিবেশবান্ধব করে নির্মাণ করা হয়েছে বিমানবন্দরটি। #red_sea_airport #MBS #Saudi_vision30 #newsupdate #banglanews #news #ekattortv #LatestNews #Barnatarana SUBSCRIBE | for latest news updates, sports news, ekattor shongjog, ekattor khelajog, banglar uddogta, daily bangla news, live bangla news, bangladeshi news, বাংলা নিউজ, বাংলা সংবাদ, সর্বশেষ সংবাদ, from Ekattor TV. ============ *Follow us on* ============ Facebook: YouTube Channel: Website: Twitter: E-mail: [email protected] LIKE | COMMENT | SHARE | SUBSCRIBE Ekattor is the First TWO-WAY News and Current Affairs Television of Bangladesh with cutting-edge technology as well as excellence in contents. It's the First Full HD television of Bangladesh and pioneer in many other aspects of television industry of Bangladesh as well as South Asia region. The television marked its signature in broadcast journalism around the country and abroad. Connecting News and People is the USP of the Channel. Upholding the spirit of Liberation War of Bangladesh is the editorial position of the station. Ekattor Media Limited Bangabandhu Satellite Parameter: Satellite: BS1 Orbital Position: 119.1 ͦ East Polarization: Horizontal Frequency: 4600MHz Modulation: 8PSK FEC: 2/3 Symbol Rate: 30,000 DVB-S2 ====================== *WARNING ANTI PIRACY* ====================== This Content Is Original and Copyright Belongs To Ekattor Media Limited. Any Unauthorised Use, Reproduction, Redistribution Or Re-upload Is Strictly Prohibited Of This Material. Legal Action Will Be Taken Against Those Who Violate The Copyright and Usage Policy.
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Ep 6 Pari Mahal, Chashme Shahi- Srinagar & Yusmarg | Land of meadows | Charar-e-sharief | Kashmir
Yusmarg is a beautiful off beat tourist location near Srinagar, We visited Yusmarg and visited beautiful meadows and Doodhganga there. This video was shot on 23rd April 2023. Below are the activities we did throughout the day We started our day from Srinagar Chashme Shahi JKTDC - We booked a cottage for Rs 7840 for 4 occupancy. Pari Mahal - It is situated on top of the Zabarwan Mountain Range, overlooking the Dal Lake in Srinagar. It is approximately 5 kilometers of the city center and can be reached by a short drive or a moderate hike. Its combination of stunning architecture, terraced gardens, and panoramic views make it a popular attraction for tourists visiting Srinagar. Ticket price - Rs 24 for adult Chashme Shahi - It is not only a beautiful garden but also a tribute to the Mughal architectural and horticultural excellence. Its serene atmosphere, refreshing spring, and picturesque landscapes make it a popular destination for tourists visiting Srinagar. Ticket price - Rs 24 for adult Pushpa veg restaurant - We had lunch here Mushroom Masala - Rs 210 & Dal tadka - Rs 200, then we proceeded towards the Yousmarg. Yousmarg - It is a hidden gem in the Kashmir Valley, known for green meadows, offering a serene and unspoiled natural environment. Its stunning landscapes, pleasant weather, and adventure opportunities make it a perfect retreat for nature lovers. Doodhganga River, with its milky white waters and scenic landscapes, is a natural attraction that adds to the beauty of the Budgam district in Jammu and Kashmir. It serves as a source of water, a recreational spot, and a place of natural serenity for visitors to enjoy. Then from there, we visited a house of Shepherd to learn about their lives. Charar-eSharief - This is about 16 km from yousmarg, with its historical shrine and spiritual legacy, holds deep religious significance for the people of Jammu and Kashmir. It is not only a place of devotion but also an important cultural landmark that represents the region's spiritual heritage and harmoniou coexistence. Kashmir tour driver - we did this tour with Irfaan bhai - 7780853061 If you have missed the earlier episodes of Kashmir, it would be better if you see them from EP - 1, so you will not miss out of continuity. Playlist kashmir tour: Hope you enjoyed this video. If you wish to support this channel: YouTube Member Programme : Patreon: Channel merchandise: Gadgets that we use: Primary camera - Secondary camera - Gadgets we use: Primary camera - Secondary camera-
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伊朗新導彈能破"鐵穹"! 張延廷:以色列慘了!|【前進戰略高地】 精華版@Global_Vision
#伊朗 #導彈 #極音速 #飛彈 #鐵穹 #攔截系統 #防衛系統 #監督的力量在中天 #2024滅東廠 #以色列 #伊斯蘭教 #基督教 #恐怖主義 #聖地 #聖戰 #百年戰爭 #張延廷 ⭐️中天新聞網APP下載:⭐️ ????????????百萬粉絲站出來,全球華人一起來! 請加入《中天新聞志工隊》報名推廣下載中天新聞網APP???? ⭐️中天文創【KEEP GOING】專區????,輸入代碼即可享優惠⭐️ 【中天嚴選】水神微酸性電解次氯酸水生成機-- 【中天嚴選】澎湖福朋喜來登海皇干貝XO醬-- 【中天嚴選】夢夢水舒壓飲品-- ????請關注中天TikTok/抖音???? 中天新聞 中天新聞速報 必POTV 健康我+1 ☀️《全球大視野》係以報導國際新聞事件為主,從新聞報導、專題剖析到名家對談,第一手現場直播,提供全面多元的角度,深受全球華人信賴! ????支持優質國際新聞,請加入全球大視野會員???? ✨中天數位媒體【24小時新聞直播】✨ ????支持監督的力量,請加入中天電視會員???? ????線上贊助中天???? (綠界金流/可用信用卡、ATM) ????直接贊助中天????彰化銀行台北分行:009-5012帳號:50128688988600戶名:中天電視股份有限公司 ????ATM:CHANG HWA COMMERCIAL BANK TAIPEI BRANCH(CCBCTWTP501) ????A/C NO:50128688988600 A/C NAME:CTI TELEVISION INCORPORATION ⚠️未經著作權人事先書面同意,勿將內容用於商業性質之分享、連結。 ⚠️如有任何營業使用,必須事先取得書面同意。 【中天聊天室規範】歡迎留言互動,請尊重各自立場、理性發言,請遵守本聊天室規範。 違規者一經發現,將遭刪言或封鎖。 ????禁止使用不雅、挑釁、謾罵、歧視、仇恨等言詞 ????禁止任何形式洗版 ????禁止散布不實訊息 ????禁止發表危害公共安全等涉及犯罪言論 ????禁止傳送鼓勵博弈訊息 ????禁止色情服務訊息 ????禁止騷擾管理員與其他使用者 ????管理員有權隨時修正規定 YouTube音樂庫 無版權配樂 免費背景音樂下載: 歌名: Sunspots 作者: Jeremy Blake 類型: Dance & Electronic 氣氛: Happy Music YouTube音樂庫 台灣香港 - Follow Us YouTube: Facebook: Google+: Instagram:
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Assasin's Creed Sacrifice & Red JAPON en 2024 ???? ! Les Deux NOUVEAUX Projets Assassin's Creed ! INFOS
???? Vos jeux pas cher : ☕ Offre un peeetit café : ➡️ Rejoins la Team Café : ???? Reçois les notifs en activant la cloche ! ???? Merci à ceux qui laisse un ENORME pouce bleu ???? ▬ ▬ ▬ MES RESEAUX ▬ ▬ ▬ ► Rejoins moi sur les réseaux sociaux ! ???? ???? ▬ ▬ ▬ MATÉRIEL ▬ ▬ ▬ ➡️ Le matériel que j'utilise : ☕???? Les tasses "Petit Café" : ➡️ Vidéo setup : ▬ ▬ ▬ MES SITES ▬ ▬ ▬ ???? Mon site web : ???? Apprends les effets spéciaux : ▬ ▬ ▬ SOUTENIR LA CHAÎNE ▬ ▬ ▬ ➡️ ❤️ Offre un café : ☕ Rejoins la Team Café : ???? Visite le site : ???? Le matériel que j'utilise : ☕???? Les tasses "Petit Café" : ▬ ▬ ▬ INFOS ▬ ▬ ▬ Petit café les amis ! ☕ Aujourd'hui on fait le point sur les prochains Assassin's Creed qui arrive en 2024 avec le projet Assassin's Creed Infinity ! On parle de Assassin's Creed Red au Japon ! Et Assassin's Creed Sacrifice chez les Aztèque 00:00 Assassin's Creed Rift : MAUVAISE NOUVELLE ! 06:42 Remake de AC1 ??? 08:32 Assassin's Creed RED : AU JAPON ! 12:02 Assassin's Creed Sacrifice : chez les Aztèque ? #AssassinsCreedRed #AssassinsCreedSacrifice #AssassinsCreedInfinty #News ▬ ▬ ▬ CONTACT ▬ ▬ ▬ Contact professionnel : [email protected] (Toute demande non commerciale ne sera pas traitée) Snir ☕
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Champion Battle Game 2023 #35 (New Android Pokemon Game 2023)
Champion Battle Game 2023 #35 (New Android Pokemon Game 2023) Android Pokemon Game 2023: #games, #shorts , #mobilegame, #pokemongame, #newmobilegames, ChampionBattleGameAllLevels, #newmobilegames, #newmobilegameswalkthrough Champion Battle is fun pokemon game 2023 and best game on Android. I play pokemon game 2023. Hey, I'm Furious Games. Upload daily walkthrough gameplay funny & best moments games videos compilation (NOOB vs PRO vs HACKER). Who are you? NOOB, PRO or HACKER? NOOB= Comment PRO= Comment + Like HACKER= Subscribe Turn on notifications (????) to have the next videos. Thank you for the like and for watching???? ???? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ⏭ Watch more videos: Game 2023: Baby Rescue Draw To Save Game: Running Brides Happy Wedding Game: Tall Man Run Blob Runner Game - Man Run New Mobile Game Gameplay: Girl Run 3D - Fun Running Game: Gun Money Run: Love Story - Gun Run New Mobile Game Gameplay: Gun Run Fun Race - Gun Run New Mobile Game Gameplay: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SIMILAR VIDEOS Rubhen925: Pokemon Violet - Full Game Gameplay Walkthrough (No Commentary) Shirrako POKEMON SCARLET & VIOLET Gameplay Walkthrough FULL GAME TapGameplay Pokemon Unite Mobile - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Tutorial and Pikachu (iOS, Android) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------




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